Paul Pierce Brought Down the House in his Final Game at the Garden

Before I start writing about The Truth…

I have to acknowledge the Patriots and how special of a comeback win that was, ultimately cementing Tom Brady as the best quarterback to ever live. I have to admit that I lost hope after TB12 threw that pick six to go down 28, and I’m still not sure how they pulled it off.

With that being said, how amazing was Pierce’s final game at the Garden? Pierce, who spent 15 seasons with the Celtics, had an extremely emotional last game in the city that he still calls home.

The Truth was active on his Facebook page once the Clippers arrived in Boston. From videos of him driving by the Garden, to pictures of himself outside the stadium, you could tell he was soaking up every moment from this historic trip.

Pierce was given the start by former Celtic’s coach Doc Rivers, his first start of the season. Once on the floor following a sold-out crowd standing ovation, Pierce knelt down and gave Lucky the Leprechaun a kiss. Pierce has had many memorable moments in the Garden and this moment, and the game in general, just added to that collection.

Only playing five minutes the whole game, the crowd demanded that Rivers put The Truth back in throughout the entirety of the second half with non-stop chants of “We want Paul Pierce! We want Paul Pierce!” The pride that Boston Celtics fans displayed for their hometown hero was a large part of what made this final trip so emotional for Pierce.

With the clock winding down and the game out of reach (the Celtics seventh win in a row), Doc Rivers listened to the fans and Pierce checked into the game. With 11 seconds to go Pierce got the ball at the top of the key, guarded by IT, and splashed a three pointer to put a cap on one of the most highly celebrated players in Celtics history. The crowd went ballistic with chants of “Thank you Paul Pierce!” ringing through the arena. Chills are sent down my spine whenever I rewatch that video and you’re a liar if you say you don’t get them either.

With Peirce’s #34 jersey just waiting to be hung within the next few seasons, we can only hope that IT will be able to also add a championship banner to go along with it.

Share some of your favorite Paul Pierce moments and where this one stands alongside them!



  1. As a Patriots-hater, I have to respect Tom Brady for managing to come back in the Superbowl, bringing it to the first overtime in Superbowl history. I was able to watch Pierce’s last game, that three-pointer that Isaiah Thomas let him shoot was incredible.


  2. I enjoy reading your article! As I don’t know a lot of the game, your article gives me Clear statements about it. I also like the picture and the video, they are clear and attractive! Hope to read more of your blogs.


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