What Moves Will the Celtics Make Nearing the Trade Deadline?

Reading the headlines, tweets, and frequent updates on a potential Demarcus Cousins trade during the All-Star Game was great, only until I realized that the Celtics were not going to be in the talks. The Pelicans gave up almost nothing compared to what they got in return. Giving up Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and future picks for the best center in the league is a steal, and the Celtics should’ve capitalized. While I won’t ponder on what could’ve been, let’s talk about Isaiah Thomas’s tweet.


The last time IT tweeted the eye emoji, the Celtics signed Al Horford, so what could it mean this time? Well for one, obviously Danny Ainge is close to a trade deal with some team. The Clippers and Blake Griffin have come up numerous times in trade rumors, as well as lockdown defender P.J. Tucker of the Suns. There are also reports of the Celtics being interested in Andrew Bogut of the Mavericks, so let’s analyze these trade possibilities instead of sulking in what could’ve been a Boogie-IT reunion.


The Clippers have Blake Griffin, arguably one of the best power forwards in the league who would fit in Wizards v/s Clippers 03/12/11nicely with the Celtics. The problem for me is that the Celtics may have to give up too much for Blake. The Clippers reportedly want Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, and the future first round draft picks that the Celtics have from the Brooklyn trade a few years back. With the possibility of a top three draft pick in both the 2017 and 2018 drafts, the Celtics could potentially be giving up four players capable of starting. Seriously, Griffin is not worth it. Any trade that sees that much in assets sent away for a guy who broke his hand after punching a staff member is a bad trade in my eyes, no matter how well he can dunk. Seriously, that happened.


The Suns are looking to deal defensive minded P.J. Tucker and the C’s have reportedly expressed interest. Although it’s uncertain what exactly the Suns want in return, one could guess a young player with potential that can play alongside Devon Booker, plus a first round pick. I wouldn’t mind trading Marcus Smart and Boston’s first rounder (Not Brooklyn’s) for Tucker. Tucker brings an aggressiveness on the defensive glass that is missing on this Celtics roster and would help fill that void. If Ainge is going to make a deal nearing the trade deadline, this is one that I would not mind happening.


The Celtics reportedly want Andrew Bogut with the Mavericks eyeing the Nets first round picks that the Celtics own. My take on this is extremely simple and can be summed up with this:


While Bogut would help on the glass, it makes no sense to trade for him and acquire his massive contract when we signed Al Horford over the Summer. This is one trade that will almost force me to lose my faith in Danny Ainge. What the Celtics need is a player who can defend, rebound, get to the rim on offense, and shoot (Hello P.J. Tucker). Bogut’s bread and butter is sitting under the rim waiting for someone to miss so that he can rebound it, which the C’s do not need right now. Bogut is good, yes, but would he really do that much more than what Amir Johnson is doing right now? Bogut only averages four more rebounds per game while averaging five more minutes than what Johnson does, not to mention Johnson averages more points. I have a feeling that if this trade does go down, Ainge will face a ton of backlash from Celtics fans.

My Prediction

So what do I think is going to happen?  Well, I think Ainge will get cold feet, realize he does not want to give up the first round draft picks from the Nets, and ultimately not make a move. Maybe throw in a minor trade with Terry Rozier but I do not see Ainge making a blockbuster deal that the fans want. Teams know what the Celtics have, so they will be unwilling to do business with Ainge without at least one of Brooklyn’s draft pick. After a disappointing 2016 draft and an underwhelming free agency, I do not expect any moves that would significantly change the team, but I am hoping that Ainge proves me wrong.

What do you think? Will the Celtics release key players and draft picks or will Ainge not pull the trigger on a blockbuster deal? Reply in the comments on what you think Ainge will do with the Celtics during the trade deadline.


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