What in the world happened in the last week?

From Last Wednesday to Tonight

Us Celtics fans saw some amazing things happen on the court, only for it to come crashing down. I know it was only four games, but I cannot say I’m the most optimistic fan in the world right now.

Last Wednesday, we saw the Celtics battle the Cavaliers in what could be an Eastern Conference Championship matchup. Everyone in the building knew what this game meant, and the Celtics delivered. Crowder finished with a double-double (17pts-10rbs), Horford was a point away from a triple-double (9pts-10rbs-10asts), and Isaiah finished with 31-points. Of course, the team had trouble guarding Kyrie and Lebron, who both finished with 28-points with Lebron finishing with a triple-double. The team looked rested and the C’s were firing on all cylinders, leading to a 103-99 win. I was ecstatic and hopeful, especially with three beatable teams coming up and I was optimistic for a four-game winning streak.

That streak was looking great too, as the Celtics crushed the Lakers by 20, winning 115-95. I was even more optimistic about the potential four-game win streak following this game. Six players, including all the starters, finished in double figures as well as the C’s beating the Lakers in rebounds and assists. They really did ride off the momentum of the Cavs win and everyone expected them to blow out the Suns in the next game.

The Suns game was not looking great with some sloppy play on both ends, but the Celtics looked like a lock to win their third game in a row with 10 seconds left on the clock up three points. I was still hopeful for a win after Eric Bledsoe drove coast-to-coast and laid the ball in with four seconds left. I mean, we had the ball with time left, the worst thing that could happen would be overtime, right?…RIGHT?

Well not quite. Confusion on the inbound led to an IT turnover with the ball going right to Tyler Ullis…. Who splashed a three for the win. Within 10 seconds I went from




The team that just beat the Cavs and blew out the Lakers lost to the second worst team in the NBA. The team that was once full of momentum after big wins are now looking dead in the eye of three games in a row with talented playoff teams, including the dreaded Warriors.

The Celtics responded to the loss by playing well against the Clippers, going up as many as 13-points in the game. But once again, the Cs lost the lead and ended up losing by 14 points. It was as disappointing as it was amazing. Amazing because you really have to try hard to give up 41-points in the fourth quarter, which is exactly what the Celtics did.

With the Celtics facing off against the Warriors on Wednesday and a talented Nuggets team on Friday, I’m hoping that this once hopeful four-game win streak does not turn into a four-game losing streak. The Celtics have now lost five of their last eight games and are three games behind the Cavs for the one seed. If there is any time to turn on the jets, it’s now.


Comment what you think about these stretch of games in the comment section and what you think of the team coming off those rough losses.


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