About Me

Every time while scrolling through ESPN reading about what is happening in sports I can’t help but get bored by the writers. Article after article is essentially the same: facts after facts. There seems to be little to no thought put into trying to connect to the reader, who is after all a fan.

This is where I come in. I’m Johnny Connors. Simply put, I’m your average college student who has just so happens to be a Boston Celtics fan. Born in North Hampton and living in Amherst, I was raised just like any other Masshole, a big C’s, B’s, and Pats fan. When I say I’m your average fan from Massachusetts, I really do mean it. I remember where I was when the Celtics traded for Ray Allen, Paul Pierce is (still) my favorite player, and yes I hate Kevin Durant for not signing with the Celtics this past offseason.IMG_4206.JPG

After moving to Pennsylvania, my only source of information on how my teams were doing were from ESPN. Articles became repetitive, making it almost angering to read. I do know that these journalists have to be professional to keep their job, but luckily, I do not. My goal is to evoke emotion from you, my reader. Whether that means you disagree with my bold statements or chuckle at my stupid jokes, I am writing to make you think a little deeper about the Celtics and how they’re currently being run as an organization. This blog is simply for you, the typical Celtics fan who does not always see their views being represented in sports news and are looking to read insight and articles written by someone who is able to write from a fans perspective. Welcome aboard.

Feel free to follow me on twitter, @JConnors2