Here are some helpful links that I use and you can as well. Below you will find links ranging from the Celtics official page to blogs similar to mine and everything in between.

Celtics Official Home Page– Your one stop for everything you need Celtics. Whether it’s official stats, press releases, or shopping for a new jersey, this website has it all.

Barstool Sports Boston– Barstool Sports is home to one of the best blogs on the internet with their hot takes, controversial views, and award winning pod costs. The blog recently got a special on Comedy Central throughout Super Bowl week, a sign that this blog is still on the come up. On the Boston page, you can find blogs related to the Boston area sports, pop culture, and a whole lot of Go
odell hate.

Bleacher Report Celtics– The homepage for the Celtics, this is the hub for trade rumors, highlights, and tweets related to the Celtics. This website is great if you’re looking for a rundown of how the Celtics have been doing recently or if you missed the game last night and need to be caught up.

r/Celtics– Home to over 18,000 Celtics fans, this subreddit is a place for Celtics fans to congregate to vent, celebrate, and ask questions relevant to the Celtics. Moderators even post Game Day Threads, giving readers a preview of the upcoming game, as well as Post Game Threads, which highlight the game. This subreddit is filled with Celtics fans who are interested in conversing with fellow fans.

Deadspin Celtics– Deadspin Celtics embodies a whole lot of for the average Celtics fans. Deadspin will report the ongoings of the team, but occasionally will throw in some satire comedy. They also have no fear of being bias, if that appeals to you. The writers for the team are not afraid to write some extremely bold predictions and that’s part of what makes Deadspin great.